Tuesday, January 5, 2016

9/21/15 Mormon Helping Hands

Yes, my new companion, Elder Neira was in the area already. He is in his third transfer here. The baptisms we had planned for next week fell through since in both cases they didn't attend church. D___ with her husband D_____ were unable to come because of some sudden health problem that D____'s mom has. She lives there with them and they didn't get back from the clinic 

until about midday. We did, however, get to have a lesson with them last night. We taught the Sabbath Day and made it clear how necessary it is that they come to church every week from now on. They committed to do so, and when we asked why they needed to (to verify they understood) D____'s responded was "to be an eternal family", so that was good! (D____ is a less active, I believe I mentioned a little bit about them last week). We put a new baptismal date for the 10th and I think that it was a better commitment and this time she is going to be baptized.In the case of K____ with her daughter B______, they didn't come because of medical problems. The daughter was sick and we haven't gotten a lesson with them yet to see where they're at. We have two new baptismal dates! A_______ and his wife L_____. They were references from a member in the ward who also brought them to church, however they arrived late so it didn't count for one of the three times attending church which is required in our mission. We taught them lesson 1 at the church on Wednesday with Paolo there and put a baptismal date for the 17th.

Lima is a pretty big place, I'm not in the central rich part of Lima but yet it is Lima. The majority of the missionaries here are ones I didn't know before or at least not very well, although my district Leader, Elder Gillies (from Utah) was in my zone in Huaraz, also one of the Zone leaders Elder CedeƱo (Ecuadorian) was in my zone in Huaraz and I saw him start his mission. The other Zone leader Elder Jenks (from Washington) was my current companion's trainer. We played soccer today for pday.

I'm really excited for general conference too. It's a great opportunity for investigators to see that there is a current prophet and apostles. So we need to be finding a whole bunch in preparation for general conference.

It seems like more and more people are getting married. Wow, at least those in my age group haven't quite gotten there yet.

So how does that work in Krew's kung fu class? Does he just slam kids on the ground or what? haha...
We also did coastal cleanup on Saturday. It was a big service project where a whole bunch of different groups were there helping clean up the beaches in Ventanilla and a whole lot of those there had yellow Mormon helping hands vests on, it was so cool.

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