Tuesday, January 5, 2016

9/28/15 First Confirmation

After discussion with our zone leaders and talking with D___ the decision was come to that she would be baptized the day before yesterday. So she was baptized on Saturday!  We asked her who she wanted to have baptize her and she ended up deciding Elder Neira would baptize her. I confirmed her, that was my first time doing that! We had to do the baptism late at 8:30 so that D_____ could get there from work but he still barely made it, he got there after the meeting was started so even though we were super thankful that he got to see the baptism he didn't make it in the pictures.
Yes, attending conference counts and is actually easier because if they attend any of the sessions it counts. 

That's crazy that a third apostle died. It'll be interesting to see who the new ones are. I wonder if they'll already have the third one chosen before the conference.

I hope your cousin enjoyed seeing the temple and the conference. It must have been an awesome experience.

Was Blake alone in our pew up in front? haha that must have been a weird sight with almost none of us there.

We played more soccer for pday and yeah the food is basically the same but our pentionist cooks super good like the other week she made us chaufa with shrimp... I had never seen a shrimp here in Peru before haha

The house is nice and this time it is a place we're renting from members, which I like better.

To his dad:
Well I performed a confirmation for the first time yesterday. In my other wards the bishop has always done it but this time he delegated it to me, so that was a pretty interesting experience.

I saw on lds.org that they had gotten a new president of BYUI but I didn't know much about the last one.Tthat's interesting that he resigned from Harvard business school to be president of BYUI. I'm excited to see who the new apostles will be!

It's an awesome, although yes tiring, job I've got here. Thanks for everything you've done so that I could have this opportunity

chao. les amo

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