Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1/11/16 Blessing the Sacrament

Welp there's an extra motivation to work hard to have great experiences... (I told him that our ward it now having a missionary mom speak once a month to tell about her missionary and their experiences... But, he is already having great experiences!  I guess you can always work harder!)

So this last week M_____ E______ blessed the sacrament! Happily he was successful in one try haha. We hadn't even spoken with him about blessing the sacrament beyond the fact that we had told him that you need the Aaronic Priesthood and that he now has the authority to do so. But the ward got him up there before I even got to church on Sunday so I was glad to see them take that initiative! It was funny, earlier in the week one of the members who sometimes accompanies us in lessons and likes to joke around, asked us "Wait you baptized B______´s dad? (M______) Why have you gone and done that? He's going to be a great leader"

I also wrote his son who is on his mission about it, since he and I became good friends when he accompanied us in lessons all the time before he left, and he says that he's super happy and thankful.

I did not receive my package yet. I did, however receive a Christmas card from the Sabatino family so if you could tell them thank you for me that would be awesome.

I am getting transferred tomorrow. I will still be in Lima but farther out from the center. I'll inform you on that a lot more next week. 

I think you wanted to know what my room looked like

To his dad:
I also wish I could have tacos. no one here knows how to make salsa. Thank you for everything you do for me and for teaching me everything since I was a kid. I promise to continue to learn from you and hope to be an effective instrument in the hands of the Lord. Oh by the way the Sabatino's sent me Christmas card so tell them thank you for me.

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