Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1/18/16 Thoughtfulness of Friends

I am in Puente Piedra which is farther from the center, like an hour in bus north of my last area which was already north of central Lima. It is a huge area and a really huge ward.Last week one of the members mentioned to me that the Sunday before hand 380 people attended church in our ward. They always have to open up other rooms with a TV and speakers so more people can see sacrament meeting. The area is so big we have to get in a bus for almost half an hour from one end to the other (but the whole way is dirt road with lots of rocks but you'd be surprised at how fast the bus goes considering the terrain). There are four companionships in our ward. It is our whole district which includes the zone leaders and a companionship of sister missionaries (both of the sisters have about 6 weeks in the mission). Elder Welburn is one of the zone leaders (you asked me if I knew him when I was in the MTC, I think his mom is on one of those missionary mom things).

We have lots of people to teach, the work is going great! It's my luck to have a third area in a row without a pensionista but that's fine, I don't mind. Our home/room is smaller than the last but it's nice and comfortable.  It's not a super wealthy area, but there is one part that is up in the hills, away from everything, it is a closed off neighborhood where you need identification and an invitation to enter. When we went there I was super surprised to see such clean wealthy houses, I haven't seen that before. Everywhere else there is so much sand that when I walk outside I am already just covered in dust, in fact there was a mini sandstorm yesterday. 

I was sad to leave my last area especially M_____, J____ and P____ but I know they'll do well, they're firm in the church.

I got another Christmas card from Denise Underwood, please tell her thank you!  (It makes me pretty emotional, he only got 2 Christmas cards and they were from dear friends that are not even members of the Church. I am really touched by their thoughtfulness!)

My new companion has about a year and 2 or 3 months on his mission and he is an awesome worker!
Notice how dusty his shoes are... 

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