Tuesday, January 5, 2016

11/23/15 "Didn't You See the Sun Come Out... Joseph Smith is a True Prophet!

Wow it looks like a lot of people are going to miss Thanksgiving. I wonder what I'll eat for Thanksgiving haha probably nothing like a real Thanksgiving. I wish I had creamed corn, if i tried to explain creamed corn to anyone here they'd look at me like I was crazy.

My companion was asking me how many cousins I had and when I told him how many he just went, "what? seriously?" and when I started telling him about our family reunions and stuff and he said I noticed that with my last companion too it sounds like in the US they're super good friends with their cousins and family and it made me realize how grateful I am to have such a great family.

So J____ L___ is doing well, I think he is about 50. He came to church again with his mom they've been reading The Book of Mormon more, and they have their baptismal date for this Saturday so we're going to be working  hard and if everything goes well I'm sure they'll both be baptized this Saturday! 

This week we found one of the old investigators in the Area Book named L----  and her daughter M----.  At the end of the first lesson M----  was asking how she would feel the response to her prayers and before we could talk L----  said "didn't you see the sun come out right when they were talking about Joseph Smith and his vision, the room got super bright?" she then said that she is certain that it's true she's read in The Book of Mormon  before. She has a daughter who is a member living in the US and she knows how it helps their family, in fact her granddaughter always telly her to keep reading The Book of Mormon  and had told her that they already did baptisms for L----'s dad in the temple and all. So that was an unusual first lesson but it was great.

For Pday today we played soccer, Frisbee, and ping pong with the zone. The days are going by too fast, these last couple of weeks just flew by. We get a good number of referrals, as long as we ask for them.

I have enough shoes don't worry about that. umm not sure what to ask for for Christmas.. some good candy canes and stuff like that...

Thank you for everything. les amo. nos vemo

To his dad: 
Michael has told me a little about Madagascar, it sounds like an interesting place. What did you use to teach in priest quorum?

I'll make sure to be more constant about writing in my journal. I think that's something really important I'm going to want to remember stuff that I know I'd forget without writing it down. 

I'll have to keep working hard to get a lot of good experiences to teach with. Thank you for everything.

gracias chao. 

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