Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12/07/15 Help the Missionaries!

By the way with the skype thing I don't remember what the address and password for that was so you'll have to remind me sorry. 

We don't have a tree, I'll see if we can find some decorations and stuff it's not easy to find around here.

My companion is Elder Periñan from Cartagena, Colombia. He's got 7 months in the mission. He's a super outgoing and really funny guy. I think things are going to go well. He also likes to cook he taught me how to make patacones or chifles it's like a type of fried banana that tastes way better than it sounds. Sorry I don't have a picture because something happened with my camera's memory card and my companion doesn't have a camera so I'll get that fixed this week.

We are working with a part member family, the son is on a mission. The mom is an active member but the dad and daughter aren't members. They are coming to church and the dad M----- is always really nice to us and greets us with a hug since his son is on a mission and all. It's a little bit tough to get him to understand how to receive an answer as to whether the church is true and all so we're working hard with him. 

L---- wasn't there when we went to help her get to church yesterday so we're seeing what can be done with her this week to make sure she comes.

That's great that you helped the missionaries teach, you guys are great for bearing testimony of the importance of marriage. What did they teach in the lesson?

So things are going well here. It's weird that Christmas is coming up so soon. Elder Periñan says that they put up a lot of lights and decorations for Christmas where he lives too but they don't do it much here. We're counting the houses with Christmas lights, we've gotten to about 13.

Anyway gracias por todo. les amo. chao

To his dad:
I had not heard the news. wow. that is horrifying. that nearby... I'm sorry. (The shootings in San Bernardino)

 It reminds me of Nephi in 3rd Nephi 7:7-9, he saw a lot of the same kind of things when he started started lamenting like that on his garden tower. It was what was going to happen before the great and terrible day of the Lord when he visited them and it is horrifying to see it happening this time but we can clearly see the need to prepare for our great and terrible day of the Lord.

It's great to hear you're helping the missionaries there. I hope they get married soon. I wish that bishops could perform marriages here it's a little more complicated to get married but if people really have faith it gets done quick... God does promise to provide the way to fulfill his commandments anywhere.

Thanks for filling me in. I hope things go well there. 
hasta luego. chao

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