Thursday, January 7, 2016

01/04/16 Aaronic Priesthood & Melchizedek Priesthood

M----- was confirmed last week, the week of his baptism. He has also received the Aaronic Priesthood. He's a very intelligent man, like in the gospel principles class they were teaching about the Priesthood and the differences between the lesser and higher Priesthood and he starts to say 
as I understand it Aaron was given this Priesthood as a lesser because the people weren't doing everything correctly and needed a preparation for the time of Christ but Moses did have the higher Priesthood.. and started to explain things that we hadn't taught him.  All we had ever explained to him was that Aaron received a lesser Priesthood and that the higher is called after Melchizedek because he was a great high priest as can be found in Genesis, Hebrews, and Alma, but he apparently understood what we hadn't explained yet. 
He has two other children his oldest son is in Italy for work, and we are working with his other daughter but it is hard to find her at home.

Happy 2016!!

Lomo saltado is rice with beef and tomatoes and onions and fries. Tocush is potatoes that have been stored underground for about 3 months and supposedly has penicillin in them and cures everything according to the people of Huaraz and Cuzco.

I didn't even get burnt in fact.

So in the picture where it's dark out is when we saw the fireworks for Christmas, the scarf I've got on was a gift from M----- E------ he's a really awesome guy and really nice. He hugs us every time we see him and he always thanks us for what we did to help him to feel the Spirit and become converted. I also took a video of the fireworks, they were going off in every direction but the video I can't send since it's too big of a file.

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