Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1/25/16 Teaching the Gospel

My area is great, like I said before, it is huge, a lot bigger than my last zone. The ward is big and yes, they had planned on splitting it but for now they have decided that its better to have one big ward then two weak ones. The area is plenty big enough to split between the 4 companionships. My companion is awesome. He is a humble guy so he's willing to teach in different ways and is good at making sure people really understand. He's good at using examples. He's got about 2 years as a member. He's 23 years old. 

We have great people to teach, like this guy L____ with his two sons J_____ and Y_____ who are progressing well toward their baptism in February.  They are really great, when we asked them about how they felt as they read The Book of Mormon and when they pray, J_____ said that his aunt came by and saw the book and said they were wasting their time reading it and he said to her "Oh, well, I know it's true and if she doesn't know, that's her problem." and not only did he say that the book is true he also began to talk of the specific prophets in The Book of Mormon like Nephi and Alma and he testified of the restoration and Joseph Smith. His dad isn't a super talkative person but he also shared his feelings that the book is true. 

We were also knocking doors the other day and the first door we knocked the guy let us in and we taught the restoration and he committed to prepare to be baptized the 20th of February. 

We played soccer at the church today. I live a little ways from the beach but it is in our zone. 

I got my Christmas package, thank you very much. My companion was pretty happy to try pop tarts but he said the pretzels with white chocolate were the best thing in the box. 

I was trying to get the camera to work but it just wouldn't turn on so I put the battery to charge but the little light was already green but the camera still wouldn't turn on. I left it to charge even though the light was green and then the light turned off after a while and when I put the battery in it finally worked... so yeah it's the opposite of the other camera.. haha
alright nos vemos. que les vaya bien. chao

He sent me a picture of their Christmas tree!

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