Tuesday, January 5, 2016

11/16/15 Keys of the Priesthood

On Friday or Saturday I don't remember, I called one of our investigators to see how he was doing and to get an appointment to visit him and he said "did you hear the news?" and mentioned it but he didn't say that an American had died. According to what he said they were 163 dead but he might have had the count wrong, it was in Paris right?

Nice. Now that is a good young women's activity. (we took the young women camping and shooting) What you got him in the forehead twice? (a target) That's sweet, from how far out? What other kinds of guns did you guys have there?

The root beer isn't super expensive it's like 4 or 5 soles but things are generally pretty cheap here but it cuts into the amount we have to spend on important things like Top Ramon haha just kidding!

Things are going well. I'm not sure if I had told you before about J____ L___.  He is a guy we met a few weeks back outside of his house. The next time we got there to visit him, his foot was super swollen and infected from stepping on a nail. We couldn't find him for about a week after that because he was in the hospital. While there they amputated his leg a little past the knee. So the last two weeks he and his mom P____ have gone to church and we are teaching them. He is always super happy when we are around and has liked church a lot!

I got my package this week and I was super happy. Thank you very much for it and for always thinking of me. It takes a lot of self control not to eat all the pop tarts in one day. I really like my tie and socks, thank you.
My companion was also happy haha he had tried peanut butter for the first time in his life with his last companion and had never seen a jar so big haha. I made him try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich this week and he said the only problem is now you can't taste the peanut butter as well haha.

To his dad:
I got the package, thank you very much. It was awesome haha. 

We had a meeting with president this week, he talked about lots of interesting stuff, among them he mentioned some meetings with the new 2nd councilor in the area here and the last 1st councilor who was Elder Waddell and is now the presiding bishop, Bishop Waddell. President said that when they set him apart they did not give him keys of the Priesthood but reactivated the dormant keys he already had as he had been a bishop before so that was interesting.

gracias por todo nos vemos

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