Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12/15/15 The Importance of going to the Temple as a Family...

Sounds like a really cool nativity that Derek and Brittany were in, it looks pretty realistic. 

Krew is 4 now? Wow that is crazy, how is he so old?

We got one of those garlands like we have on the banister (is that how that's spelled?) but smaller and cheaper haha and some lights that we put up in our room so now it finally feels like Christmas.

M----- is doing well he's constantly reading The Book of Mormon and coming to church. We had a lesson with him on Tuesday with the bishop there. M----- said that he thinks this is all true but that he wants his son to baptize him (who left on his mission about a month ago). With the help of the bishop and his wife we helped him to understand a little better about eternal families and the process of going into the temple and how much better it would be to be prepared to enter the temple and be sealed with his son when he gets back rather then be baptized by him.  He is beginning to understand a little better.

This Sunday we had a stake conference where Elder Uceda of the first quorum of the 70 and the president of this area came. He gave a really great talk about the Sabbath wherein he expounded the scriptures explaining the original Hebrew (for the old testament parts) and English (for the Doctrine and Covenants parts) and so forth.

We have district meetings every week and zone meetings every month. We had a multi-zone conference with President this last Wednesday and will have the multi-zone Christmas party on the 22nd. 

President showed us a bunch of statistics and told us that whenever they have meetings with the other mission presidents the area presidency uses our mission as an example of what the other missions need to do. He showed us that the only statistic that is not way higher than anyone else is in lessons with a member present.  He promised us that if we can double that, baptisms will double too.

Sorry my camera's memory card is messed up but one of the converts is getting it fixed this week.

Anyway thanks nos vemos. les amo. chao

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