Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10/19/15 Smallest Zone in the Mission

Yes, it is transfers and there is only one missionary being transferred in our zone, so we're going to continue working together. Here is a picture of our zone--it's the second smallest in the mission, just 14 missionaries, 
Last Sunday evening our district leader gave us a referral named S____, and told us that she had attended church that day in their ward for the full 3 hours. They said she was there earlier than them and she didn't have any friend there who had invited her just that she wanted to see how the church was. Later we found out that she had been introduced to the church a few years back by a boyfriend and his family. In the first lesson she said the closing prayer better than a lot of members say them. She has been reading and praying and she came to church again this Sunday (to our ward obviously) and is clearly someone God has prepared. We are really thankful for this miracle. She has a baptismal date for the 7th of November and she is progressing really well. 

We also met and taught a man named E____ on Friday who is an evangelist. He is also clearly well prepared in just such a way that he has a real faith in the reality of the prophets of the Bible.  He has no fear of accepting things in addition to the Bible in just such a way that he could be really touched by the spirit in the explanation of Joseph Smith's first vision and was just like "wow.. did he really see that?" just really sincere in his reaction and I'm excited to see how he'll be progressing.

By the way for some reason here where I'm on the computer the people who run the business just ranomly put on a country song that you used to listen to on Kfrog when you took me to elementary school in the mornings I don't remember the name but I just heard it and went "what the heck?" I didn't know Peruvians had ever even heard of country music before haha it was super weird.

President Godoy was super awesome. He gave us some specific direction on things we need to improve on in our mission. He did compliment us however, he said you are really doing well like looking at the key indicators from your mission the only one that wasn't going like this (using his arm to make a deep going up position) it was like this (flat) in the last couple of weeks I am now informed that it is also like this (up) so that was some good news about our mission.

In the package I wouldn't mind peanut butter and/or pop tarts or whatever you might want to put. I can't think think of anything else I'd want or need at the moment. Thank you.

I think I told you about studying in a paperback copy of The Book of Mormon, concentrating on the word steadfastness like Elder Bednar told us, that is the majority of what I'm studying

Of course I exercise every day but usually I just do setups and push-ups. Jesus the Christ is great I read that one a while back in the mission. Of course we go door to door contacting it's one of the most boring ways to contact but sometimes you gotta do it when nothing else is working and it has its fruits...

Thanks for everything. I love you. cuidense chao

To his dad:
Sorry I didn't write last week there were some complications where my companion couldn't log on and stuff. 

Krew and Holland are just staring at the camera like it's a ghost haha

That sounds like fun playing golf at hobble creek. The other day an investigator asked me what my favorite sport is and I said golf and he asked me how it is that they can hit a ball that far and get it to go into a tiny hole and I said I usually end up asking myself that too when I play. and then I had to explain to him how the game works haha. 
By the way, I have asked several people how to say pole-vault in Spanish and they say oh I know what you're talking about but I don't know what it's called--

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