Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10/5/15 General Conference

Happy birthday to Brittany!! I hope jerk chicken was good haha.

I watched everything but the women's conference haha. My favorite was Holland's of course especially since I'm talking with my Messianic figure haha It was powerful and really well delivered, as always. Thanks for having the only kind of mortal love that is comparable to Christ's true love, for me.
I also really liked Oaks' (which reminds me in the training we had with Elder Bednar he told us that every time Oaks goes to tell a joke he starts laughing before he gets to the punchline and his whole body just kind of shakes hahaha) I really enjoyed President Nelson's also. I loved Bednar's, he sure knows how to just yank your heart strings six times in just one talk... and Christofferson's was one I really enjoyed and of course President Monson reminds us of what's most important, our own constant obedience.

The new apostle's kids didn't know until the conference? Wow that must have been some intense news. Which were your favorite talks?

I had eaten shrimp at a restaurant once when I was a kid I think dad made me try it if I remember right and I remember liking it since then haha

How does Marleigh do gymnastics when she's so little still? She's so cute!

The boys can ride without training wheels? Wow!

Thank you for everything you've done for me mom. I love you. nos vemos

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