Tuesday, January 5, 2016

11/30/15 We started walking not knowing beforehand where we should go

It is transfers. My companion is going tomorrow morning and I'm staying here. It should be fun to meet my new companion tomorrow.

I think I ate some chicken and rice on Thanksgiving, I don't remember for sure haha. 

Yes J---- L--- and P---- were baptized. At the beginning of the week we couldn't even find them at home. Finally on Wednesday we found J----  there, his mom was in the back of the house washing the clothes. J---- then started to say that his mom was scared and she believed too strongly in Catholicism and asked if we could give him more time and all. They were both scared and we couldn't even talk to P----. If they were to be baptized on Saturday they kind of had to be interviewed that day so he said that they had to go to P--'s work and that we could come back in the evening. So we to our room since it was nearby and knelt down and prayed for help. That evening we went back to their house but the only one home was his nephew E------.  He took us to every place he could think of where they might have been and we could not find them so we prayed again to find them and decided to just look wherever we could in our whole area. We started walking not knowing beforehand where we should go but we turned two blocks from their house and saw them going down the street so we ran and caught up with them and convinced them to come with us to the church. We got our district leader to meet up with us there and they were interviewed. P---- said that she just told our DL all her feelings in he interview and that she doesn't know what happened but she felt good. The two of the them said that their doubts were cleared up. We talked with our district leader Elder Eschenberg about that and he said that they seemed like normal interviews and that they seemed like they were already prepared. 
Anyway with some more effort and patience they were baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.
I think L----'s daughter is in Utah if not mistaken. L---- says she was baptized when she was already in the US, her husband was already a member.

I guess just send me some peppermint candy canes and some fruity ones.. also maybe a belt. more pop tarts and Christmas stuff haha

I hope you have a good week. nos vemos chao

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