Tuesday, January 5, 2016

11/2/15 Revelation for Callings!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Make sure Marleigh gets a birthday hug from me. 

For a second there I thought Everett was dressed as a cow haha. Not many people here celebrate Halloween. On all of Saturday I saw like 6 kids dressed up for Halloween and and there were absolutely no one trick-or-treating, and one restaurant in my area had a few Halloween decorations and not a single home had decorations.

S____ was baptized on Saturday. She chose Elder Neira to baptize her so I got to do my second confirmation! She is 32 years old. 
We also met a guy with blue eyes and lightish hair so everyone calls him the gringo haha He commented with a member friend that I looked like I could be his brother so he introduced us to him and now we are teaching him. His name is A______ which is weird because here reading that it looks like it should be pronounced A_____ but it's pronounced like it would be read in English and he doesn't speak English so that's pretty weird.

I sometimes eat hot dogs. You see in my other areas the only thing I had to cook with was a microwave but here we have a little electric stove so I can be a little more creative like today I made myself a grilled cheese. My companion looked at me weird, I don't think he's ever heard of grilled cheese haha. 
We taught S____ about callings this last week and her eyes lit up when we explained that the bishop receives revelation for callings and she asked "he can receive revelation especially for me?" that kind of excitement is how we should all see it.

Thanks for everything. nos vemos

Oh by the way I found a Coca Cola bottle with your name spelled wrong on it haha

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