Thursday, January 7, 2016

12/28/15 Take Your Covenants Seriously

M----- was baptized!  He gave a super great testimony about how he is taking very seriously his covenant of baptism and will be faithful to it. His wife was also super happy and I am certain his son is really happy too, he is serving in Bolivia. (next door neighbors with Peru).

I'm not sure what the problem was but it wasn't even possible to get the memory card to open to access stuff. A recent convert got it fixed but, yes it erased everything, so the only pictures I have are the few that I have sent home.  Also, I'm sorry but I do not have my camera with me at the moment so I can't send pictures until next week.

Yes among the pictures I took was a picture of the garland we got, it's not a tree haha.

I hope they have a fun time in Peru, tell them they cannot leave this country without eating Lomo Saltado, Cuy, and Tocush (although the last one might make them throw up from the smell... but the first two are good). I doubt they'll ever be able to find me, I'm in the most obscure part of Lima. Plus they don't need to look for me because I can't receive visits from family, friends, or anyone..

(I feel so bad that his Christmas package didn't make it!)
Don't worry about the package too much. I had a white Christmas and and I know that M----- will soon have an eternal family and that's way better than any Christmas present you could mail me! The only other thing I could have asked for is snow but I don't think anyone can change the fact that it never so much as rains in Lima haha.

Today we played soccer and we almost died of heat. The sun came out today and I'm pretty sure I'm badly burnt. Today would've been a great day for swimming if that were possible.

(We told him that it has been windy and cold here)
I wish we had some nice wind and cold weather but that's okay. anyway I hope things are going well. 
chao y tengan un feliz año nuevo

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