Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10/26/15 Ping Pong

I don't know if I mentioned that there is a religious group here who call themselves Israelites and they consider themselves religiously obligated to have beards and long hair. A recent convert here who has a beard and hair almost exactly like Jackson's told us that one of them came by and greeted him saying "hello brother" and he says I think that he thought I was one of them because of my hair... haha

I haven't taken many videos I'll see what I can do to take some. 

Yes, when we teach we take turns. Normally just one takes one principle like God is our loving Heavenly Father and then the other tells how the gospel blesses families, another teaches prophets and so forth. In our mission at least we call that ping-pong. In a practice we recently had he asked me if I could pass him "the ball" sooner so that was one of the first times I've found myself talking too much haha.

Yeah our zone gets along really well. A companionship of sister missionaries just got put in the zone this week. They stole half our area haha and E___ lives in their zone. Both of the sister missionaries had been in my zone when I was in Barranca. We're expecting to see them baptize a lot haha that's the general expectation of sister missionaries here. 

We found and taught a new family, A______ and C_____ who are married and have 2 kids, the older of the two is 7 years old, they and S____ came to church. S____ is coming along really well. This week we taught a lesson where we changed the baptismal date for this week the 31st. She accepted it without a problem and the next lesson when we asked if everything was going well for the 31st she said yeah I have a question about that so we thought she was going to put up a fight about it but then she asks if it can be even sooner than that! So she's going well and is reading The Book of Mormon constantly.

With the Steadfastness thing: there's lots of great stuff on the topic from what I've read so far. I just got to Alma. I'm sure you'll find lots of stuff I didn't notice haha

so in this picture I was making myself a couple of hot-dogs and my companion decided to take a picture so there you go haha

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