Thursday, September 17, 2015

9/14/15 Seven Baptismal Dates Set!

I'm super excited about general conference. This is going to be my third one in the mission already so that's pretty weird. Of course I remember patriarch Baugh, that's awesome that he's going to be temple president. Is there another stake patriarch now?  How many stakes are there in the temple district? Why is it that our stake gets so many in the presidency? haha

I finally have an area in Lima haha I'm in the ward Gamarra in the zone El Trebol.  It's a really small zone, just 14 missionaries and no sisters in the whole zone. We have 7 baptismal dates so far with 3 of those for the 26th: K____, a single mother and her daughter B_______ as well as D___ the wife of a less active member named D_____ who is obviously in the reactivation process and we are seeing what we can do about making it so he can baptize his wife.

My companion is Elder Neira from Santiago Chile, he came into the mission in the same group as Elder Troll so he has about 7 months and is a hard worker and a good teacher so this should be great!

It's weird going to church and seeing more than 50 people there on Sunday! haha It's a much larger ward here. Both my companion and I were taken out of our last area and president decided to turn back into just one area in that branch again.

In general life is different here in Lima than in the provincial parts of Peru, like there are two supermarkets within reasonable distance of our area here, while there in Huaraz and Pativilca we had a to go a pretty good distance to get to one, the people are somewhat more wealthy here. The transfer was good I'm finally out of the boonies haha.
And there are a lot more jobs and stuff. it's just a more comfortable lifestyle here but there's still no carpet except in the church nursery room haha  We have a pentionist that fills me until I can barely walk!

His new companion...

To his dad:
Elder Bednar might mention us. He said in the meeting that it has been a while since he's been in that big a group of missionaries. Our mission president was saying that he had another meeting with stake presidencies and bishoprics around here in Lima and that the questions and responses by the audience were far better in the meeting with missionaries and Elder Bednar referred to our meeting as the highlight of the trip.  I too, thought it was a really great meeting!

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