Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/1/16 Two Baptisms Set!

I'm great!  We are having miracles every other day!  My companion was here one transfer before I got here. His name is Elder Fernancez, he's from Santa Cruz Bolivia. I've not gotten to speak in church yet, there's lots to choose from to speak. 

L____ had his baptism set for this Saturday, but they didn't come to church yesterday so we'll have to work with them to see when that can happen. It was pretty frustrating. No one came to church and we were just starting to get frustrated and didn't know what to do when suddenly just before church starts this guy H______ got to the church who had come to church the week before out of nowhere. We had planned to teach him this past week but he didn't have time to meet with us, so we were super excited he showed up at church. Then in the second hour our zone leader called us out into the hall and told us that this 16 year old kid, my companion had tried to work with him before I got here.  He has been attending church for about 2 years but he is not with living with his parents so we couldn't teach him. The zone leader informed us that the members he's living with just received a signed paper making them his legal guardians so he is going to be baptized this Saturday! 

Then we decided to teach H______ in the church during the third hour and he committed to be baptized the 20th! He also told us he's from the tribe of Benjamin when i was explaining about The Book of Mormon he asked if they're from the 12 tribes and I said "yes, Lehi is a descendant of Manasseh". That was the first investigator who has asked me that. 

The belt is great but it was a tad bit too big so I got it adjusted for like 30 cents. The socks are awesome, I gave a pair to my companion and he's pretty happy about that. Thank you very much. My companion asked if I like mint a lot or something, haha.

Thanks for everything. nos vemos. les amo.

So here's a picture of a perro peruano (peruvian dog) a breed of bald dogs that are pretty common around here and some pictures that my companion took. He took one to "prove I know how to clean a toilet" as he put it.

Some more random pictures my companion took...

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