Monday, March 2, 2015

02/23/15 Polygamy? Not.

It hasn't rained as much as usual, nor been overly cold, it's sunny and a little hot at the moment. The week was pretty good other than being gone from our are from Sunday night until Tuesday night doing immigrations in Lima. The sisters of our district helped a couple to get married and baptized them afterward. Z_____ wasn't able to be there when we attempted to visit him. We've majorly been contacting this week so not a great deal to tell about but for the first time in Peru I've been asked about polygamy by a professor of a nearby college.  We contacted at her home and now she's been reading The Book of Mormon since we contacted her. She says her husband doesn't want to talk to us so I'm not sure how that will go. Well as far as giving Jason my address... I guess you can see what it's like to try to contact because rarely are there house numbers, so I'm going to say that we live in the city Huaraz about four blocks up the street Wilcahuain and down a small side street in the second of three stories of a white apartment building... good luck to him finding us!  Today for Pday we played some soccer and then we went to get our hair cut. We went to a barber shop and a nice Jehova's Witness cut it, she gave us some of their little magazine things in Quechua which was cool, haha.
Me wearing Elder Diaz's sunglasses...
Thanks for everything!  I love you!  Chao

Chad's email to his dad:

I got your package, thank you! And I got the chance to explain dance cards to my companion haha. That's great with the plaques (Chad's plaque is finally up!). Well the number you could give Jason is _________ but I don't know where he'd take us to lunch within our area haha. I hope I can help him feel the Spirit as well. That's pretty cool that Dirk is Bishop too haha Well anyway thanks for all your prayers and help, of course.
love you, chao

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