Thursday, March 26, 2015

03/23/2015 Chad gets Transferred!

We got the March Liahona and I was looking through it and came to the last part: a part of the talk "Built upon the Rock" by Orson F. Whitney who was talking about continual revelation and how that is the difference between the church of Christ and a mere sect. He mentioned some kind of cleric who had attended one of our sacrament meetings and criticized our manner of partaking of the sacrament of the holy supper, specifically our use of water, citing that Christ instituted the sacrament among the apostles with wine, as recorded in the Bible. One might also cite The Book of Mormon as Christ so instituted the ordinance among the Nephites whom he visited, or The Book of Mormon as He also so instituted through the prophet Joseph in these recent centuries, even going so far as to reveal what sort of wine we are to use (of our own make), however as Orson F. Whitney said, what Christ told the apostles in Jerusalem, or what he said to the Nephites 2 Milennia ago or even what he said to  the saints 150 years ago (one could also add what he said to Orson F. Whitney, an apostle and revelator of the Lord, 100 years ago) does not have any force at all in this day unless it agrees with what He instructs us through His prophets in this day. He also says there is no book good enough or big enough to direct His church. So as general conference is coming we ought to give careful attention to what the chosen prophets, seers, and revelators (the others blessed to carry the title 'elder') today have to tell us.

(I told Chad that his friend, Kelsey turned in her mission papers) Oh wow, really? That's awesome! tell her felicidades!

¿Michael quiere ser un abogado? People sometimes ask me what I'm studying in college (they start college at about 17 here so they expect me to have already started) and what I plan to do and I just say I don't know yet I'm just going to enjoy the time I don't have to worry about it.

We didn't get to see Y______ this week but it should be interesting for Elder Diaz, as I am being transferred!  I spent Pday packing and will leave for Lima tonight. I don't know where I'll be going. We'll see. nos vemos. los amo 
Our pentionist (the lady who makes lunch for us) made me an awesome beanie and my companion and I decided to make mini pizzas the other night so there's that haha

As a zone we got soccer jerseys (they went with Colombian ones) I am not really sure why they went with Colombian jersey's but it's something the zones do kind of often so maybe they got bored of Peruvian ones, I'm not sure. 

(I asked him, jokingly, if he was going to miss his PINK walls)  I'm not sure about the pink walls but the cool nights yes!  It is freaking hot there! My trainer emailed me and says that hace un caloraso alla...

(I asked him if he knew he was getting transferred yesterday and if he got to say good bye to everyone.)  
officially found out this morning but I did say goodbye just in case last night to some recent converts. I think the bishop realized I was leaving since he gave me an assignment to give a talk just before sacrament meeting yesterday.

To his dad: (Brad was suggesting he go and get his shoes resoled because last week he told us he had holes in them due to all the rain)
Well it's the inside of the sole that really got messed up, and well they've told me there is not a single other zone in the mission where it rains, it just mists in some places, so I've held off on purchasing rain protection, especially since I'm leaving Huaraz today.

(Brad told him about his brand new phone falling off the roof of his car and being run over my several cars on the freeway) Oh wow sorry about the phone haha in reading that short story I heard you voice say "ahh Brad!" hahaha and then Dallin's voice mimicking it

What did Alex teach on, what section? Glad to hear about Brady, I hope the doctor lets him. I hope Larsen has a fun time at the beach with you guys... (after being on an island for 2 years but not able to get in the water)
It sure sounds like a fun time at home with so many people visiting!
te agradezco y, te amo. nos vemos pops

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