Monday, March 2, 2015

03/02/15 God's Ways Are Not Always Our Ways

Neither Z----- nor B------ were home when we attempted to visit them, however, we've gone to visit a sister in the ward every morning for quite a few days.  Her husband has been bed-ridden for a couple years (I'm still a little unsure of what the problem is but I guess he has a benign tumor in his head and though it was operated on, it wasn't treated fully) and being stuck in his bed has some problems on his back including a fair sized umm hole in his lower back. The wife has learned how to clean it and all, but needs help to lift him and move him onto his side, both to clean it as well as change his diaper. Of recent he hasn't been eating, in fact when we first went to help him last week she said he hadn't eaten in about 3 weeks! But today he did eat a potato and something called chocho (not sure what it would be called in English) puree. This past Thursday after we helped, we sang with them his favorite hymn "Grande Eres Tu" (how great thou art) and although he can barely speak you could see him singing along, especially in the chorus and the faith which both he and his wife have continued. Above his bed, to his side, is a picture of the two of them outside the temple after their sealing a few years ago. And above the back of his bed is a painting of Christ pulling up a lame man to his feet, holding that man's hand in the same way I hold this Victo Marzal's hand as I ask him how his morning is or when keeping him from ripping his wife's hand away from cleaning and treating his back. I can see in them that God's ways are not our ways and a loss of faith does not simply come from a difficult time. We're working on moving this work over to the members, having spoken about him in ward council yesterday, because this of course is a great opportunity in the manner of service for the ward. 

We are always searching for someone to teach. I'm healthy and of course I'm happy: I've been enlisted in the great work of salvation (as have we all).  Today was companionship pday so we mostly cleaned the room, went to buy some necessities and stuff and we played some chess and so forth.  We have some preparation days which we do as a zone, some as a district, and the others just as a companionship (and in the last meeting with the president he told us we are not to meet up with other missionaries on the companionship ones). 

This Wednesday we had a meeting with the mission president at which he, as always, started by saying "Well what are we going to study today?" holding his very visibly studied scriptures. Some of the questions brought up were regarding the spirit world, Alma's explanation is somewhat unclear. So president too us to section 138 of the Doctrine and Covenants, it is much more clear in explaining of such than anywhere else in the scriptures.  It also includes that Christ was unable to visit those who had rejected the words of the prophets and are in prison and that he organized his forces or set up missions with those in Paradise to go and teach them. It also explains that the time there is a further time of probation, it will not be much clearer to those there (in spirit prison) what is the truth and what not, much like here in regards to the same ministry done here and there. 
love you. chao 

And to his dad:  

Now we be emailing around 3:30 or 4 pm.  I have seen that Priesthood blessings are the thing asked of us most around here: much of the time, even when there is a father in the home with the Priesthood because they have to be away for work not just during the day but for days at a time... sometimes the whole weekend.  That is a difficulty within the church and the work centered on finding and helping families to come unto Christ, equally. I know that we have been blessed with the real Priesthood of God which can truly heal. love you too!  Thanks for everything. nos vemos

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