Sunday, March 22, 2015

03/09/15 We Change Because of Him, For Him!

A boy? Awesome! Do they have name ideas they're thinking of?  That is awesome that the Brady's are coming to Peru, what made them decide to come here? Well, you can tell them that I don't think I had any altitude sickness, well actually I do feel some altitude sickness when I go down to Lima but when I came up here, no. Although we don't usually choose to go for a run for our morning exercises because you can get a little winded here. I'm sure if they're going to Huaraz they'll end up in my area for a bit because I guess there are some ruins at the top of Wilcahuain here (but the place is closed on Mondays so of course we haven't been). 

Things are going well with my companion although he still laughs that I like oatmeal, they hate it around here except as a drink, they just don't know how to flavor it haha. 
Brother V_____ is about 68 years old if I'm not mistaken. the bishop and some others went to give him the sacrament Sunday before this past one, but otherwise they're not really too involved.  We didn't have ward council yesterday because it was stake conference or we would have mentioned it. Our Mission President was invited to our Stake Conference and spoke in one of the meetings, he spoke on comparing the missionaries being set apart with the vow of a Nazarite: from important but small rules like that a Nazarite could not so much as touch a grape (numbers 6) to the sacrifice of not attending the funeral of a loved one. At the normal Sunday session he taught lesson 1 (the restoration) which wasn't what I was expecting but it was good. The S____ family came back from travelling so we're excited to work with them this week.

One person we met this week, named J____, who has problems with alcohol, during the whole of the lesson was at the point of crying and kept saying "I want to change, I'm ready to change. for Him" pointing to an image he has of Christ in his room. I could see Godly sorrow in him, that he said as his only reason to want to change, "for Him" is something we can definitely learn in our lives: to love Him enough to desire to change.
chao, les amo
To his dad:  (Pres. Brady had told Brad that he wanted to get a beanie like one that Chad had on in a previous picture)

I'm not sure if you can see it in the pictures so let him know that most of the beanies like that have Huaraz written on them haha maybe he'd like that. Did you tell him how to pronounce it? Some recent converts J______ and J______ (the ones who got married) are working as tour guides around here in Huaraz so maybe he'll come across them. 

(Chad's friend - a Priest in our ward - told Brad that Chad sure did look happy) That Tanner employed the word actually sounds like he's surprised haha do I not usually look happy? If not, maybe I ought to work on that, at least for the sake of the investigators because I surely am!
Who was baptized? Sounds like the ward will have grown when I get back. Que vayan todos, con planes asi, sin problema al Peru. Chao y gracias por animarme siempre

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