Sunday, February 22, 2015

02/16/15 Articles of Faith

Elder Diaz is my new companion, he is from Peru with 17 months in the mission.  He is a hard worker and a pretty funny guy, still getting used to him but he's great!  He pushes me a little more in morning exercise with which we both wish we had a pull-up bar haha. He cares about learning English a little more so that's pretty good during language study we each explain the pronunciation and meaning of what is being said in parts of The Book of Mormon. 

While my former comp was gone and he was coming I worked with Elder Sandoval, one of the other missionaries in our district (whose new companion was my companion in the MTC).  We had to come to Lima today so I could do immigrations and I forgot my camera in Huaraz so no pictures sorry. 

Larsen is worried about the cold (his cousin is trying to decide if he should go to BYUI or not, he hates the cold) haha I'm worried about when I get transferred down here to Lima, it's hot and humid here. That would be awesome to be roommates with Holden (his cousin who is currently serving in Brazil).

We were talking with a new investigator, named ______, and he has a conception for himself of what the church of Christ should be like and because of that he hasn't joined the congregations he has seen so far. He was questioning us, among other things, about whether we can perform miracles; incidentally, his wife who wasn't there at the time has cancer. So it should be interesting to see what the Father has planned for him and how we might be utilized in that. 

In today's letter from the president he said we'd be starting to teach about the Articles of Faith to recent converts which will be great considering that there are certain basic beliefs outlined there that aren't always directly spoken of in church lessons or plainly said in other scriptures such as that we believe in being subject to the law or the literal gathering of Zion. Anyway it's been a pretty good week. les amo y nos vemos

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