Sunday, March 22, 2015

03/16/15 Completing Families!

We're definitely looking hard for those who are ready to hear the gospel and are finding some. Last night we were knocking doors and an older woman, Y______, who invited us in and showed us some pictures of her late husband, among which was one of him in white baptismal clothes with the missionaries and another in which he is in the hospital with Parkinson's  She has not been baptized so we will work with her now. 

Holland is 1? Wow, yes she's adorable!
With whom did Ariel get engaged?
The S____ family had to go out of town again. A lot of people (especially fathers) have to go out of town for work which can be frustrating. Every few days it pours for a little bit but otherwise it is sunny. Pday is good and our food is great. Money is fine. Most of the clothes are fine other than that there is now a hole in the pants of my gray suit, I have no idea how I got the hole in it, it seems to have worn thin but I don't know how. I also have some holes on the inside of the sole of one of my pairs of shoes from getting filled up with water. My companion has a few EFY songs on a usb and they are majorly in English so he sometimes asks me to translate it haha. How was Sam's talk? nos vemos gracias por todo love you
PS This is a picture of our district from last transfer that my ZL just sent me 
To his dad: (Brad was telling Chad that we got 22 tickets to the Saturday afternoon session of Conference and that we are taking our Young Women)

22 tickets to Conference? Wow, that's quite a few. Yes, we get to attend all of the sessions if I remember right and I'm excited. I love general conference. (Brad was telling him something about the sealing powers) Tell me what grandpa says, that's an interesting question. Thank you for the exhortation.

So I've been helping my companion to learn English and it's funny when I have to explain things like "well brethren is the plural for brother but it's an old word, except if you're talking about prophets and apostles, otherwise we say brothers" 
anyway love you chao

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