Sunday, March 20, 2016

3/7/16 Baptism and Virus

My camera works, I can take pictures, it's just a problem when I set it up to the computer to email them to you, it doesn't work...kind of like right now we've been running from one place to another to get the baptismal record from this week scanned to send it to the mission offices.

Which reminds me, last week we ran into an active member in the street who we didn't know lived in our area. He told us his nine year old son wants to be baptized so we got him interviewed this week and got his dad prepared to baptize him this last Saturday. I never thought I'd put convert on a baptismal record with the name Helaman haha.

Well the baptismal record came up with a virus so we can't send it because the place where they scanned it seems like it has a ton of viruses so we have to run....

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