Thursday, March 3, 2016

2/22/16 The Holy Ghost Changes Us

You are right, I'm not being transferred nor is my companion nor anyone in my district.
J____ had a little problem in that his daughter was visiting and he had to go pretty far off to take her to her mom's house on Sunday so she could be home in time to be registered in school or something like that. So he wouldn't have been there to be confirmed on Sunday so we rescheduled him for the 5th (since the 27th and 28th are stake conference).

H______ refuses to go to church where he belongs since it takes 2 bus rides and a mototaxi to get there, whereas to come to our ward it's just one bus ride (but he is not in our boundaries). We passed the referral but I don't know what the other missionaries are doing.

My first companion is from Ecuador. Do you know if Devin is in Guayaquil or in Quito or some other part? Ask him if he's tried green bananas (platanos verdes) yet. 

Thanks for being the best mom in the world. nos vemos. les amo. chao.

To his dad:
One of my converts was kind of like that..... the most important thing is that he really felt the Holy Ghost and he thanked us profoundly after his baptism with tears in his eyes saying he'd never forget that day. After receiving the Holy Ghost he began to understand much better especially with the help of the bishop who really befriended him and helped him to get a job and everything.

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