Thursday, March 3, 2016

2/15/16 An effective tool in the Lord's Hands

I'm glad that the Lord has found me capable of being an effective tool to bless other people right now, I hope it stays that way. We're working with J____. His baptism is set up for this Saturday and we're going to visit him today. I think he'll be fine. We taught him about the commandments this week and he was accepting everything. He was a little bit confused about tithing but when we explained it well he said now I understand and committed to keep that and the rest of the commandments.

M_____ was baptized on Saturday and said "the next goal is the temple" in his testimony afterwards! He is doing great! His wife and 4 sons are members. He's got 2 sons that are missionary age. There's nothing better for a less active than the spirit of a new convert in the house so I think with the help of the ward they'll decide to go on missions soon and that'll be great for the family. 

It looks like you had a great Valentines Day. Here it's called "dia de la amistad" (which would be translated friendship day) and they don't do much except here except there was a massive marriage ceremony (where they make getting married easier and cheaper) so there were a lot of new marriages this weekend!

Dad's and our prayers will be answered with faith. 
anyway thanks for everything. nos vemos les amo.

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