Thursday, March 3, 2016

2/29/16 True Repentance

Stake conference was great. It was transmitted to the different chapels in the stake but the connection was super spotty and you couldn't really hear or see anything and the investigators we had there (for their first time in church) seemed kind of bored and confused until the connection cleared up just in time for the first councilor of the mission's talk. It was awesome, it was about his mother's and then his own experience of learning about the gospel and finding out that The Book of Mormon was true! It was a powerful talk so i was pretty thankful. Then it ended with a talk by a 70 (I don't know his name I think he's an area 70, he's really young and he's from Bolivia) who talked about being born again and how in order to really repent we've got to be improving everyday with the firm conviction of leaving behind the old self. He used a lot of scriptures from the bible and spoke about how we really ought to desire and strive for perfection rather than do like most people and use excuses like "this is how I am and you've got to accept me" or "no one's perfect, it's alright." 

We found some odd investigators this week, like a guy who started talking about how he had studied the Bible through the internet and how salvation comes through the Jews and I think he worships the Jews. He didn't want to let us talk much so i interrupted him and explained The Book of Mormon and how it talks about a prophet from the tribe of Manasseh and others from the tribe of Ephraim and Judah who came here and basically got to where I explained to him that he is a descendant of the house of Jacob and he looked at me like "does not compute" and started to talked about how if he reads the Bible and The Book of Mormon he would just get confused and he'd rather keep with just the Bible even though we explained that The Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ, that they go hand in hand... so we just said okay chao. But, anyway it was a weird week but we also found some promising investigators who came to church and read he assigned part of The Book of Mormon and are great!

Devin apparently found a way better guinea pig than I've found so he beat me there.
Tell Derek happy birthday for me. see you later. chao

PS sorry but the camera's is a little messed up I'll get it fixed by next week. (this is the 2nd one he has had!  He has NOT had luck with cameras!  I am sad he isn't going to have more pictures when he gets home...)

To his dad:
I'm glad to hear that Alex and Mitchel are working on their mission papers. I hope they get out soon and get as awesome a mission as the MPLO. I've met lots of people who live so close to Ecuador that they can in go in regular public transportation like any old bus and get to Ecuador. I'm glad to hear everything is going well with the family and all. I'm really sorry about Jeff Martin and will be praying for him. He was always a super fun leader in Young Men's for me. 

Anyway thanks for everything. you're the best. chao

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