Sunday, March 20, 2016

3/14/16 11 Baptisms!

Sorry about last week but you understand.

Sarah and grandma will be there just in time for general conference then? That will be great, they can be there to see it with all the family.

Dad is a great bishop, I'm glad to hear so many people are thankful for his service. I have been able to see the effect a good bishop can have on the whole ward and beyond and I'm glad to know our ward is in great hands.

Tell Mitchel congratulations from me, he'll do great. (His friend has his mission papers in and is waiting to hear where he will be called to serve)

O, this last week K____ and A_______ were baptized as well as their little sister E________ (she's 8 so she's a ward baptism but we coordinated with the bishop so she could be baptized with her brothers). The first councilor in the bishopric named Brother Ascarruz baptized the three of them. There were 11 baptisms in total this Saturday so most of sacrament meeting was the confirmations, which was a nice experience. The bishopric was kind of going in circles changing who confirmed on like every third person almost like in the temple work confirmations but longer. 
Anyway, it was an interesting week. On Thursday morning we had a training with some other missions with Elder Lynn G Robbins of the presidents of the 70, who spoke on several topics especially the Spirit and the light of Christ. He spoke of the flight in 1996 in Ethiopian airlines, relating it to exact obedience. You could probably find the NatGeo on it on the Internet it's an interesting story. He also said the mission is like the university of the Lord referring to us as taking our 101 class in finances and saying the 505 class will be "taught by your wives" and said here in the mission is the 505 pre-marriage class and spoke of the importance of using agency to choose to love (our companions, investigators, future spouses and so forth). 

Anyway thanks for everything. nos vemos chao.

To his dad:
Haha you took more than half his time, that's fine, it sounds like it was a great talk and it made me note something important for me to keep in my mind for the moment. That kind of reminds me of the last stake conference we were in where a area 70 was visiting and one of the mission president's councilors was giving a talk and was talking to the investigators and I could really feel the Spirit in his talk and then I saw the stake president very conspicuously put a piece of paper next to him (obviously a "time to finish" note) and then at the end of the conference the area 70 said like 5 times during his talk that he didn't have time to say what he wanted to say and finished like 10 minutes later than the hour. Anyway it made me chuckle and I'm glad to hear that President Shumway was a lot more calm about it with you. anyway thanks for everything. les amo chao.

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