Wednesday, September 9, 2015

8/24/15 Get Your Converts to the Temple!

haha The girls stayed at our house and the boys at the O'Connors? That's the first time that could have been possible, since we have always had a house full of boys! That's pretty weird!

Did Julie need a map to know where in the world her mission is? haha But, seriously, that's really cool that she has decided to go on a mission! She'll be a great missionary.

That sounds like a fun FHE. 

What's Chubola? It sounds like Spanish, but I don't recognize it... or are you saying chub-ball? haha

What's it like working in the temple? Were you able to share some kind of experience with them about that?

So on Saturday we had a stake meeting with an area 70 and our mission president. They were talking about ward councils and the real goal that we need to have with any investigator or convert or less active is, of course the temple sealing. He also mentioned that when a woman is baptized on a Saturday, she can be confirmed Sunday, and he mentioned that the temple is closed Monday (so they can have their family home evenings in the spirit world, haha) and, she can do baptisms for the dead on Tuesday, just having to wait three days! A man needs the Aaronic Priesthood to do baptisms for the dead, so he has to wait 9 days. He said I don't know what we are waiting for... we need to get a new convert to their father's house!

We are going to have a training with Elder Bednar on Wednesday! Our mission president is being really emphatic with us on how we need to behave ourselves during that training. Like today after playing soccer, the zone leaders were giving us all the details about the training...  like we'll be leaving at 5 am for Lima and we'll be there with a couple of other missions. They said this is the Peru Lima West mission: the best in the area so we will sit as a zone and be studying the scriptures before he comes in.

A few weeks ago we were told about a new system on the missionary website where you can look for referrals that come from the church offices.  I set it all the way back to 2005 when it began and there were no referrals for our area...
se me olvid├│. les amo y nos vemos

To his dad:
Before I forget: happy birthday y feliz cumplea├▒os. My convert, L_____'s daughter turns twelve on the same day as your birthday. 

Wow. it is true that we can be taken at any time and we must not delay the day of our repentance. I'm sorry for those losses and am confident that they are just in the MTC a little early to start sharing the gospel as they had planned to do here.

I hope you guys have fun with Everett in your family home evening and that all is going well there. What are the names of the new converts? It sounds like sacrament meeting will be full of new faces when I get home, that is great!

nos vemos. les amo. chao

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