Wednesday, September 9, 2015

8/17/15 P-day Adventures

Well, if that way off in the far distant future wife agrees, it looks like I'll use the name Finn. Leif would have been cool, like Leif Erikson the guy who really discovered America (well after Lehi but way before Columbus) so why Everett Nolan? 8lbs 8 oz that's double what I was! I'll have to find out what that is in kilos to tell people who ask around here haha 
I now have three nephews and 2 nieces, that's weird! I feel like Holland was just born. What do Marleigh and Weston think of having a little brother? Does anyone else in the family have August 16th for their birthday? 

That sounds like a fun youth activity you had with the Vegas youth! Why didn't our youth go to the temple? When did they have to leave from Vegas to get here and do all that?

We have found a few people to teach, one of them is a man in a wheel chair who's named C_____ and asks lots of questions. Sometimes he takes it off topic but he seems like a pretty intelligent guy, I'm anxious to see where that goes. 

We also found a pretty good family, but the parents aren't legally married because the mom had some mistake in her last name on her ID or something and couldn't get married without a long legal process and the dad works everyday until about 7 pm at which point they open up the front room in their house as a restaurant from 8 until about 10 so that may be a little difficult.

Today for p-day our district went to the "Fortaleza de Paramonga" (fortress of Paramonga, Paramonga is a city nearby) It's ruins of a city or I guess a fortress here.

So the heel of my shoe was scraping my heel and took off a little skin and I was trying to fix it and my comp said yeah just switch shoes with me, so we did. He said I wear my shoes laced too tight... so anyway, we ended up with one of each shoe and as Elder Quispe would say, "Estamos en PerĂº pe"!

It was also my branch mission leader's birthday so we stopped by there for some cake on our way back to our rooms to get changed.

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