Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6/29/15 Cuy

I have eaten cuy 2 times. It is small and the skin is really tough, so you have to break the skin and scavenge a little for what meat you can get out haha It may sound cliche, but it doesn't taste much different from chicken. Cuy is also kind of expensive so you don't eat it often. I didn't eat that one in the picture no. It's the elders quorum president's. He has cuy and rabbits and ducks, he had gone with us to an appointment with our convert and afterward asked us if we wanted a lift to our next appointment (in his motocuy, a nicer version of a mototaxi) and he stopped by his house on the way to feed them so we took a couple pictures. haha

L-----'s daughter K---- liked the dedication but I found out afterward that L----- had been pulled out of the dedication because she wore pants.... I had helped her through getting an interview and knowing that she'd need someone to watch her baby. I had told her how to get to the meetinghouse and told her to be in Sunday dress but it never occurred to me to clarify the need for a dress or skirt instead of pants to attend that sort of a ceremony.... so yeah that was an unexpected problem. I felt bad but thankfully she's okay, I'm just glad it didn't affect her testimony in any way!

That's awesome that Devin and Diana got a house! There's a check off the list of what I'm praying for haha which means shifting it to things to thank for! haha

One thing I miss are the reunions.

That's so far outside of the supreme court's authority its ridiculous, I can imagine the uproar. My last companion found out that Chile had passed a similar law and now the US (not Peru yet haha)

te amo chao

In explanation, the picture where my t-shirt is tucked in was taken right after a game of soccer where our team had our shirts tucked to differentiate teams and I didn't notice it was still tucked until after the pictures.

To his dad:
It was pretty nice being able to serve in Huaraz, since the new mission will be getting that area.  And I got to meet a different people than here, where the elementary school teachers have to learn Quechua to teach the children.
There are houses around here without addresses too, it can be a little annoying getting a list of less actives "without number" as the house address haha
You guys cheated I wasn't born yet or I'd be tied too (with the number of years of attending the family reunion) haha I wonder how many miles away from Lima it is?? haha (Brad told him how far it was from HIS mission when he served in Austria)

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