Saturday, July 18, 2015

6/30/15 That reminds me...

You sent me a video of Whitney and Abby and when I watched it I was like, "Wow Whitney is super old now haha and who is that next to her?" and sat there for like a minute and a half thinking "Who the heck is that?" and then just went "wait what..." How old are those kids? 
But I think part of the reason is that a less active family with a 6 or 7 year old daughter named K____ (or I would spell it that way maybe it's actually spelled Q____ or something haha I'd have to ask haha) has a daughter who looks, acts, and talks exactly like Abby did when she was little!

About the spelling... that reminded me of the daughter of one of our investigators is named Paige but I could not figure out how you could spell that name in Spanish since the "j" sound doesn't independently exist in Spanish it's just one of a bunch of different ways to pronounce "y" which around here is normally pronounced like the English "y" until I saw a notebook with her name on it written "Peich" and thought "why does that have the English word for durazno?" and realized "oh that's her name" haha

Wow Holland is walking pretty well in that video which reminds me of the daughter of L_____ named C______ although we usually call her Gorda (which is like fatty) who just learned to walk I'll have to get you a video of her!

So we've gotten to know more of E____'s family which includes a mother who is JW, a brother who is Seventh Day adventist, a sister who is a Pentecostal pastor, and her sister who is halted between two opinions as Elijah puts it, that is to say a soon-to-be Mormon!

For pday we went grocery shopping and cleaned the apartment... 

Also I assume you saw Austin's email, I need either a tie or socks like that hahaha (Both are American flags!)

To his dad:
You can tell them I can't believe it either haha how is Abby in high school?

Even though I always stunk I really miss golf at the moment haha That sounds like a good time, I don't think I've met anyone here in Pativilca who has stepped foot on a golf course before so yeah sometimes they imagine that everyone in the US is a billionaire like, since a lot of people's first question is where the money comes from! I often have to explain that before the mission I worked at a factory packing dried food in packages and they're always like so you owned a factory? and I say what? No! I woke up at 3 in the morning to work at the lowest level why would you think an 18 year old could own a factory?

So our branch president is gone a lot of the time because he works in Lima and he has one councilor, his dad!

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