Thursday, June 18, 2015

6/1/15 Truly Love the People

On Saturday night we were looking at the general authorities in the general conference edition of the Liahonah we had just
gotten and talking about how some of them were getting pretty old when and our zone leader called and said, "Who is the second most senior apostle?" or something like that and we all said, "Elder Perry" and he said, "He passed away".  We were pretty startled and sad about that but of course has been talking about how he's been sick for a while.

I'd really like to see that scripture chase haha 
Were they all doing lesson 1 or different lessons or what? Does that mean they were studying preach my gospel too?

I'm glad Brady is going back out to the field. Our recent convert E---- decided to go to Chile because there is a lot of work there.  The good thing is, her stake president is my companion's uncle! (So that should help her stay active) Her sister is going to be living in her house while she's gone so we helped her move some of her stuff in and had a short lesson with her. She is a pastor so she did a lot of the talking haha Apparently in her church they have "prophets and apostles" and the laying on of hands for the Holy Ghost. We'll see what she has to say when we teach The Book of Mormon and prophets chosen by God.

We had a multizone conference and president talked about his mission.  He was explaining that we need to have real love for the people we teach if we want to make any real difference in their lives.  He talked about when he was a missionary he gave a talk on the atonement, with real love for the Savior and had success in that but afterward an excommunicated member who was there told him he was a hypocrite and could talk of the love of Christ but did not love the people there.  He then quoted his own journal which said that he was right, he had written, "I hate these ignorant Argentines" and later after putting in a real effort to learn to love them, including reading a famous book of proverbs from Argentina (and regardless of the difficulty) learned it and quoted it in another talk later in his mission and some old ladies came up to him and hugged him saying "eres Argentino"!  He told us that we have to be Peruvian and truly love the people here!
love you nos vemos

To his dad:
My current companion is pretty cool. ViƱa del mar Chile sounds like the South America version of Southern California with nice beaches and good weather and all. If that companion was from Peru I bet he was from Iquitos haha they always make fun of the people from the jungle around here haha

Ask Alex why he hasn't written me

Around here they put some kind of white make up on, they say it's sunscreen but it looks the same as what my first companion put on which was like a powder that supposedly is for pimples but I can't figure out how clogging your face with powder could help get rid of pimples. It leaves a white powdery film on their face that looks super weird haha

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