Monday, June 22, 2015

6/15/15 Calling a New Apostle

Yes, It's transfers and I'm staying here! My companion is being transferred. We never know about transfers until the day of (unless you're staying in your area). You meet your new companion when he shows up to the zone meeting with the zone leaders so I don't know who my companion will be or anything.

There were some problems in the interviews so they were not baptized yet. 

I---'s dad can only be home on the weekends so we didn't make any attempt to teach them during the week but we went there on Saturday as we had scheduled with them at the last lesson but I--- and his dad were not there so we invited the mom to church and asked her to let them know. But in spite of our calling them Sunday morning they didn't attend church so we'll be sure to visit them soon. 

I'm not sure what dulce de leche is... does Devin know if it's the same thing as manjar? I think it might be a different name for the same thing.

Apparently Peru played against Brazil in a game in the "copa America" yesterday and everyone was really happy that they scored one goal against Brazil even though they still lost haha I guess that's how the team is here!

What dinosaur movie?

It was pretty weird (and sad) doing weekly planning this week and putting zero as the goal for baptisms and for investigators in sacrament meeting.  We won't be able to baptize this week since we will be having the temple dedication (there will not be a reg. Sacrament meeting on Sunday).  Preach My Gospel says that convert baptisms have to be confirmed in sacrament meeting and we don't want to leave a week in between baptism and confirmation.

A house nearby has a large Barney doll for some reason and it's kind of creepy

The zone of Huaraz is going to be part of the new Trujillo South mission and all of the missionaries there will be part of that mission in this transfer. I don't know whether my companion is going to the new mission or not, he won't know until tomorrow. He's hoping he won't change missions because this is the best mission in the world!  In the weekly letter from President Archibald today he was saying that he has felt some pressure with this transfers after finding out that the transfers had to be approved by the quorum of the 12! 

I am sorry, I will take more pictures of myself even though that's completely out of my nature.

To his dad:
I wonder who conducted Elder Perry's funeral and how that felt. That reminds me, in a recent training with the president he was talking about some meeting he had gone to and someone had prayed for the family of Elder Perry, that they could feel comforted and he commented that that's an honorable thing to ask for but there's another family that's going to need your prayers even more (in reference to the family of his replacement in the quorum of the 12) haha He then proceeded to give some detailed explanation of how an apostle is chosen and some examples of how some apostles have described what it was like being called into a meeting with the quorum of the 12 (or the 11) and the First Presidency and being told that he has been called by the Lord to be an apostle!  He told a story where just after one apostle (I don't recall who) was called he was shown to a phone and told to call his wife where he paused and stared at the phone for a couple of seconds when the prophet said to him, "Did you forget the number?" and he said, "Umm, yes I did" haha

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