Monday, June 22, 2015

6/8/15 It Expounded the Word of God!

It was a good week! We're trying to get in a couple baptisms this week so they can see the extension of the temple dedication on the 21st.

This last week we had a training with president and he brought up some interesting points on the temple sealing which can be found in a talk given by Boyd K Packer called "Our Moral Environment" given in April 1992 that I know will interest you. Take special care to notice the use of the word 'will' without any 'if' in the quote by Joseph Smith the prophet.
President Archibald said that some time ago he came across that quote by Joseph Smith but noticed that the Brethren had not mentioned it, therefore he kept in reserve not teaching based on that (he was an Institute teacher in Alabama for quite some time). Then Pres. Packer mentioned it in this talk and ever since, Pres. Archibald started putting it into his lesson plans.

So the other day we went to visit the guy with the injured leg, and this time his parents were there so we taught lesson 1 and when we explained The Book of Mormon he said, "I have one of those books but it looks a little different" and he went and got it and it was a triple combination! My companion and I kind of looked at each other like, where did he get that? We can't even get the branch to get one for our converts haha and his dad said that he had read in it for an hour once and explained to his wife how clearly it expounded the word of God!  That was an awesome experience!  

Here are some pictures from a little museum, which was the house of Simon Bolivar known as the Liberator, who was the general responsible for getting the Spanish crown out of Peru and as I understand some other south American countries. the museum also included a printing press used to print the first post-Spanish rule newspaper in Peru (near the same time The Book of Mormon was first printed)

Anyway, chao les amo 

Also my investigator's daughter stole my camera in church the other day and took a couple selfies haha

To his dad:
That kind of detail is how my mission president teaches, like when he was describing the martyrdom of Joseph Smith and stands and puts his hand a certain distance above his own head and says Joseph was this tall and moves his hand to a different level and says Hyrum was this tall and continues to describe the events of the martyrdom and all. He is a big fan of the idea of having your own movie in your head of what you study in the scriptures. I'm working on that and I am starting to understand the scriptures differently.  Yesterday I was reading The Book of Mormon where Aaron was teaching King Lamoni's father and I realized that 2 or 3 of Aaron's brothers were there during the lesson but he didn't let them talk once during the lesson haha

The KFC closed? That's actually one of the more common American restaurants here (though I've still not had one in any of my zones) They have lots of chicken and potatoes around here, although from what I hear they serve a little more rice around here than in the KFC's in the US haha 
My companion received nutella in a package and the jar is written in German so maybe you can tell me what it says if it's not too blurry haha (a little practice with your mission language)
chao. que te vaya bien.

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