Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/25/15 Baptism!

What did Mckay, Alex, Tanner, and Mitchell say in their talks? It sounds like for Dallin's job, he's using what he learned on his mission with goal setting and all. What are you learning at work? 

E---- got baptized, I forgot to tell her about grandma E----! I'll make sure to point her out on my family history fan chart!
Two of our investigators showed up to the district conference. One of them is a single mom who lost her husband recently, she really liked President Archibald's talk and was asking to meet him and all. I made sure to let her know that he is in fact married haha...

We found a guy named Ivan who is using crutches because he got shot in his leg by some stray bullets and is currently recuperating so he and his dad received us pretty well. I'm pretty happy to actually have some potential priesthood-holders that don't leave for work for a month at a time or anything like that.

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