Saturday, May 16, 2015

5/11/15 Faith and Tithing

It was great to see you too, thanks. It sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day, I bet you were super upset to get cinnamon rolls and chocolate coconut pie that you can't refuse. 

Christ's first public miracle was done in the service of his mother at a wedding feast. 

How was Josh's homecoming talk?

Next Sunday is District Conference (like Stake Conference but for a district of branches rather than a stake of wards), which means no Sacrament Meeting and they have to be confirmed in a Sacrament Meeting so the baptism will be the next week so as to not have a week in between the two parts of the baptism. 

What are Dallin and Shalee's jobs? (that might have been my fault: I pray in Spanish and kept forgetting to look up the word internship in Spanish so I said it as job haha)

So we taught C------- and M---- (her mom) lesson 2 in the church like President Archibald advises (and I think that one comes from Elder Uceda the Area President) and they came to church on Sunday which was great and they were asking about the temple (even though we'd explained it to them in lesson 2 but people never really get things the first time) and so that was good. Which reminds me, I mentioned that the Trujillo Temple (the 2nd in Peru) will be dedicated soon and has a "first look" on and looks like a really nice one.
This week our convert had some problems with her ex-husband and not getting the money she needs so she received some help from the branch and in spite of that I found her filling out her tithing slip after church on Sunday for what little she did make this week.  It was a definite testimony to me that she understood the teachings and promises of Christ well enough to do that and to "try him" as we challenged her in the lesson on tithing.

My district leader is from Iquitos Peru way up north in the jungle near the border of Brazil and his companion, the new one, is from Peru too but i don't remember the name of the city.

Here are some pictures from my roof.

Here's your Mother's Day gift, but i don't know how to send that many flowers to California.....

The flowers were actually in the house of the sister who washes our clothes since she was selling them so we took some picture of them for you!
I love you!

To his dad:
I'm certain he's a great help in the same work I'm in, but among the spirits of the dead. (Rocky Gibson)
The suit is Marc Anthony and it doesn't say the size or instructions for washing or anything.  It literally just says "Made in China" in the coat and "Made in Vietnam" in the pants.

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