Thursday, May 21, 2015

5/18/15 Tithing, Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, and Ward Council

Our district conference was good. Yes, President spoke in every session, although we weren't in the Priesthood Session since it was in the morning and we, in accordance with the direction of our district leader, went to remind our investigators and help them get to the general session. 
President told everyone that the goal here is to become an independent stake in Zion so we would have all the necessary keys. He told them that in order to do that we must be honest in our tithes. 

At the adult session he spoke on tithing and during his talk he grabbed around in his suit pocket and my companion and I looked at each other and chuckled like, "oh man he's breaking out the candies!"  He then proceeded to use his usual way of teaching tithing and mimicked a child refusing to give up one of ten candies he'd just been given.  He said "espero que entendamos que cuando faltamos en diezmo, somos nños" (I hope we understand that when we fault on tithing, we're being like a child) as well as sometimes, people think that tithing is a commandment for the rich. He told the district that the Lord still has to bring his work to many places far poorer and with much more needy people than Peru.  He told them that we must be contributing so that we can be an example and teach our children. During the general session he spoke on honoring the sabbath day, also pretty strong and clearly. 

In the evening we had a broadcast from the area presidency, were training on how to run a ward council. The major part of it was Elder Wardell (1st councilor of the area South America Northwest) The other speakers were the bishop, ward mission leader, young women's president, ward secretary, and stake presidents from stakes and wards in our mission giving their comments about the purpose of ward council. They showed five videos that were filmed in our mission, which included some degree of explanations as to how members and missionaries work together that was given by a couple of elders in our mission. From reading president's weekly letter to us today I can see he's pretty excited that five countries have now seen the giant charts we make of the recent converts with different goals and steps, like receiving the Aaronic Priesthood, attending institute, receiving a calling, receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood, doing baptisms for the dead, with the eventual goal of being sealed in the temple.

One of my favorite quotes from all the conference was from President Uceda (president of the area) saying the purpose of His plan and the creation of the earth and of everything is to make eternal families. They also mentioned one thing that president always talks about which is starting with the end in mind. In this case: as early as looking for new investigators with the temple alter not just the baptismal font in mind.

What does Dallin in his job for BYU philanthropy? That sounds interesting.

You sent a picture of the Trujillo temple, did you see the open house sneak peek pictures that is on of the inside of it? Its a really pretty temple!
love you nos vemos chao

To his dad:
I know. I am naturally more direct in how I speak with people but I do know that it is important to not always be completely direct, not just in contacting but in teaching and inviting to commitments like you can't expect someone to say yes to "Will you be baptized on the 13th of June?" by itself. it requires a little "Do you want to follow the example of Jesus Christ?" "Yes." "If God asks you to do something will you do it?" "If he tells me, yes". "So when you come to know that The Book of Mormon is true and your Heavenly Father causes you to feel that it is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ?".....

I remembered the date I was baptized. Haha, well, I have to count to remember the year but I remember the date because I remember I did not want to wait another month haha

Oh I know that they're as loaded up with work on the other side just as we are here!
love you, till next week.

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