Tuesday, January 27, 2015

01/26/15 Transfigured - Smart Boy!

(He begins by answering my questions from last week)

To the meeting in Lima, yes my companion went too. And with the DL it was splits, the DL went with my companion in our area and I went with his companion in his area. I haven't gotten to write in my journal every night but in general yes I do. My shoes are fine, the water doesn't really get inside so I'm good and Huaraz is the only part of the mission where it really rains so I'll hold off on the boots, I'll be good. Well every transfer people come into the mission and the last few have had more than usual, in fact my group was one of the biggest, maybe it's in preparation for opening up the Trujillo South Mission or something.

So a new family we're teaching, the A------ family, seems pretty interested. We asked the father whether he'd read The Book of Mormon with his family and he said that he would but that he doesn't read well, like first grade education was what the wife said and it was interesting because the son, who's maybe 11 or 12 years old, really understood everything better than most investigators, in fact when we spoke of the first vision he said "I remember the Bible said that people can't see God in person because of his glory so how was he able to?" (a question that my companion said no one had asked him before in the mission) So we kind of explained being transfigured, with such examples as Moses speaking face to face with God. 

Anyway, just this morning we were on our way to meet up with the zone leaders and the father of the S---- family we're teaching opened up the door to the taxi he was in (which was stopped in traffic) to tell us that he'll be waiting for us on Wednesday, they weren't home at the last appointment we had, so that was good.

Also the young couple who are working as tour guides are going to be married this Friday and baptized Sunday morning. I think Elder (or now Brother) Salazar who was zone leader here and recently finished his mission (he lives in Peru, just a little North of here) will be coming down here for that.

Anyway, love you guys. I hope Holland gets a little less frustrated with her crawling. Chao

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