Monday, February 9, 2015

02/02/15 Traditions of Their Fathers

It was a bummer... I didn't get an email from Chad this week, I am not sure why.  I did read that many missionary mom's didn't get emails this week either, something was wrong with the Internet.  BUT, luckily we did get a short little email that Chad sent to his dad...  Brad had told him about his friend who is serving in Micronesia.  He doesn't have access to the Internet but luckily his friend who works in the mission office will email his family once in a while.  His father had told Brad on Sunday that his son had 13 baptisms that week!!  But, they have a hard time retaining them... here is Chad's response to Brad's email.

13? Wow I hope those are all retained, I've heard that can be hard, luckily my few so far have retained. So my companion was talking with one of the recent converts and the 3 magi came up and he said something about their names and I asked him about that later, really baffled about the idea of what their names were, he insisted that the bible said their names, it took taking him to the zone leader and having him corroborate my statement to convince him that it doesn't even so much as say they were three. Anyway it's interesting to see how deeply the catholic view of some things is ingrained as part of the culture, such as that they may accept without problem that to Joseph appeared the Father and the Son as two individuals but then after explanation of addressing the Father in prayer and doing so on the name of Christ, it still arises that sometimes they address Christ like the conception of them not as interchangeable names is hard to get used to... anyway that is just interesting to me! chao

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