Monday, January 5, 2015

01/05/15 Another Baptism Scheduled!

Tell Dallin happy birthday!

So our church is now at 2 pm it was pretty weird being in fast and testimony meeting after having broken my fast (I'm not sure if I already mentioned that they fast from lunch to lunch here).  And then ward council was right after at 5:15 so it was a weird Sunday.  

We had one investigator at church she has a baptismal date for this Saturday and seems pretty excited about it!  We got them to announce it in sacrament meeting and her brother (who is already a member) was nudging her shoulder like "it's official now."

Elder Lunt and Elder Jensen are both training (one from Ecuador and one from Guatemala if I remember right) but they're now in the other district.  Our district still has the district leader and the zone leader and now one companionship of sisters: Hermana Mcknight and Hermana Gutierrez (Hermana Mcknight came in the same group as me from the MTC but she was in the Provo MTC and Hermana Gutierrez is from Ecuador as well) We also have Elder Quezada and Sandoval, Quezada being the district leader. My companion has not been either district or zone leader he was also glad that he wasn't made district leader this transfer haha. 

One of our other investigators, Kathy, is here living with her cousins and aunt who are members so they're usually there in the lessons. It is always great to have people she knows personally to testify to what we are teaching is correct

The week went by pretty fast. 

Oh by the way, apparently around here the color yellow is lucky in new years or something... especially yellow underwear which explains why they were selling really oversized yellow whitey-tighty style underwear. I imagine so they can wear them on the outside of their pants when they're drunk at midnight of the new year. There were also lots of fireworks again. The pentionist of the district leader asked if I had tried Tocush (pronounced like tocoosh) and said she was going to make it for me when I said no. I am told its potatoes that have been buried until the point fermenting.  They say it smells horrible and tastes no better... so we'll see, I haven't heard from her about it since. chao

His email to his father:

Brad sent him these goals for the new year and he responds...

Good goals!  I especially like the last 4, the last being a nice laconic summation of all goals we should have--with the point of emulating the Son so as to become like the Father and as preparation we must maintain that goal in mind and be able to evaluate ourselves well. As to the "forgive quickly", I've just always thought that was really important and a thing people sometimes miss. 

As far as The Hobbit, if it came first I imagine they might not have had the same concept of certain characters and might not have brought in Tolkein's other writings and it would've been more like the book in the aspect that it was written for a children's bedtime story which I guess is why before the Lord of the Rings movies came out it's only movie version was cartoon. yeah anyway cuidense

No pics this week... :(

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