Wednesday, January 21, 2015

01/19/15 Responsibility

The week was good but I had work visit where I went to the district leader's house on Wednesday.  On Thursday we went to Lima and got back on Saturday so I didn't get in as many lessons as I would have liked to, but it's good. Yeah, it hailed recently I don't remember what day it was. And, sorry, I have no picture of them smashing eggs on my head. The sink in our new house is inside, in fact we have two.  One in the bathroom and one in the, uh kitchenette. 

I wish I could see those two nieces of mine, they sound so cute.  

So, yeah, we went to Lima for a training, because as the president said, we have had so many come into the mission that the majority of the mission has fewer than 6 months in the field which is why they're doing a few more trainings but he said for my group that would be the last one.  He mostly talked about how we do planning, studying, and get a baptismal date. For this last training, the mission president did a practice where he said "does anyone think they can say no to me when I ask you to being baptized?" and Elder Welburn and his companion went up and Elder Welburn was annoyed because his companion ended up saying yes. President also said that when we start teaching someone we're bringing extra attention from the adversary into their lives and are therefore responsible for them which was an interesting point I'd not heard before. 

Tell Taylor I love her too and good luck with her Arizonian. We're not sure yet what we're doing for Pday today but in general we do often go with the other district here.
love you too. chao 

To his dad:  
I can attest to the fact that there is no other opportunity like a mission...

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