Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12/29/14 He Gave His First Blessing...

Elder Lunt is the companion of our district leader, he has one more transfer than me. It was interesting that Derek and Devin and Dallin said the understood 100% of what I said in Spanish.  Maybe I should speak in Spanish more considering they rarely understand 100% of what I say in English haha. 

Welp, I am glad I could show that I am happy. My companion says I speak well even though he gets annoyed when I don't understand him and he has to reexplain himself. 

I told my companion that you said I'd been blessed with a good trainer and he kind of laughed. Yeah transfers are today and we are both staying!  The district leader is going and the zone leader and some others are saying.  They think Elder Lunt might be training this transfer I'm not sure, that would be pretty quick.

It's good that the meds are working most of the time (I told him that I went to the Dr. to get meds for my migraines). 

The other day my companion was feeling a little sick so he took some medicine but it didn't seem to work, he had some kind of attack like a really bad cramp in his stomach or something and I gave him a blessing.  It was the first time I did the actual blessing rather than just the anointing in Spanish, or in general, and it went away right after. Ever since he's felt fine so I don't think it's anything to worry about but it was quite the experience.

Chad's email to his dad: (Brad must have said something to him about the Skype not working and that only Dallin and Shalee were able to see him)

It's alright, Devin has seen me before. haha Yeah, It'll be better next time. Yes, it was weird seeing Marleigh walking, although Weston still seems just as crazy as always. Well it's good that you could see I am happy. Often people can't see what I'm thinking: like at surprise birthday parties.

Well the calling up all the mothers thing sounds like a good idea in theory but yeah as far as keeping them at 8 minutes. Suerte. (Brad told him he was going to have all the mom's speak in Sacrament Meeting for 8 minutes about their missionary)

That's kind of the opposite of me when I teach the gospel principles class and then they say hmm we'll finish with a closing song so we don't let out too early. I guess I've always been a little on the laconic side. anyway, cuidese

He sent some great pictures this week! For their preparation day they went on a hike.  This area of his mission is the "coveted area", everyone wants to get to serve here!  I guess it is a good thing Chad got to serve here 1st because he told us on the phone call that they are opening a new mission just above his and it will take in this area!

Such a beautiful picture, the rainbow almost doesn't look real!

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