Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/23/14 A Baptism!

Yep, Josi was baptized on Friday. So that was great. We had some trouble getting the baptismal font to work for a little while no water was working in the church and then we finally got it kind of working but we ended up with cold water. Josi didn't complain and I was fine. So it's kind of hard to explain simple things in Spanish like what to do when being baptized like plug your nose and bend your knees and, in spite of the fact one of the other missionaries helped to explain that she would plug her nose with her right hand and hold on tight with her left, just as I said Amen she pulled her left hand off and used that to plug her nose instead. It's apparently much more difficult to pull someone back up when they aren't holding on with that left hand.... but it ended up well.

Yeah we had a Christmas party thing in Barranca yesterday which included skits by each zone. We did one where the grinch wants to ruin the missionaries' Christmas and ends up getting baptized.

I got my package thanks. The peanut butter is great to have around and candy canes, I hadn't seen a single candy cane here. Our stalkings are our decorations now.

And, his email to his father:

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, we had a meeting with the president and two other zones in Barranca (about a five hour bus ride) so we met up to get on the bus at 6:30 and got to our house at almost midnight. It included a study with the president where President Archibald just lets us ask whatever doctrinal question we want and he explains it. Then we had a lunch in which we had spiral ham which was awesome and we had skits that each zone had to do which was pretty weird but it was funny, lots fun poked at the president and at the way things are done at Peru. Our skit invloved the grinch getting baptized after stealing and then reading The Book of Mormon. Then later I got my package. Thanks for the peunut butter by the way, it is unusually expensive to buy here. yeah chao

He did not mention ONE word about our skyping on Christmas day!!!  Now where to "call" or what time!!??? 

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