Monday, December 1, 2014

12/01/14 Her Uncle Wanted to Read One of Our Books!

Our Thanksgiving food, more or less. We were pretty happy to have real potatoes and gravy.  Also I started to put butter on my corn and my companion looked at me funny and said "Dios bendiga America" (God bless America) as well as what is your problem with butter?

Neoman didn't make it to church this week but there was a new investigator whom we'd not yet met however. 

I got the package by the way. It's just that it requires someone to get them from Lima and bring them here. Thanks for it by the way! Where did you get those sweaters? They fit really nicely. Also thanks for the Nesquick. My companion has already been perplexed by seeing me eat bananas with Nesquick on them. And I missed Pop-Tarts also, thanks! Those dispensation cards are cool although I'm still a little confused as to where the apostasy just before Samuel was. 

One day in the week out of about three in a row I was a sick and then perfectly fine the rest of the time, kind of weird.  I was only stuck in bed the one time, so don't worry. The other days I was just really sick in the mornings but I've been fine for nearly two weeks so I should be good.

All of the gringos around here get sick sometime toward the beginning I guess. By the way, gringo is the official and normal term around here, and people love to make note of it. Like the other day my companion said buenas tardes to a lady walking passed us to which she responded in kind but when I said the same she responded with "buenas tardes, gringo" which threw me off a little haha.

I don't think I have grandma measles' email, if you could send it to me so I can thank her that would be nice.

We were pretty happy to find someone selling watermelon nearby today.

Chad's email to his father:

Yep I got the package. Thank you very much. All good choices in candy and all haha I'd never tried those grapefruit things but they're good. 

Anyway yeah we had Thanksgiving at the church too. The couple missionaries, Elder and Hermana Oxborrow, explained the origin and purpose of Thanksgiving for the Latinos and we had stuffing and real mashed potatoes and gravy (around here they usually make mashed potatoes with about the viscosity of apple sauce but Hermana Oxborrow made sure they didn't do it that way for this) and pie too. we did not get to have turkey but that's okay I don't care too much about turkey.

I suppose the most spiritual experience this week was with a less active member and his wife who really wants to come back to church and even asked us to set up an interview with the bishop for him. His wife, I guess had something happen with some of the members that makes her not want to come back to church even though she says she believes in The Book of Mormon and all. Also I guess they're not actually married which is really common here: you'll ask "is that your wife?" "yes" "how long have you been married?" "oh well not yet." Also apparently to get sealed in the temple you have to get married legally here first because temple marriages aren't recognized by Peru.

AND, here is somethings he emailed a friend that she shared with me  (Thank you Taylor!!)

Oh, man, SanFilippo is the best!  (A teacher he had in H.S.)  That was a good class and hey I took notes every once in a while... mostly just of some of the graphs that I couldn't easily remember haha.  

As far as food, I haven't had anything too bad, but something a little unusual was guinea pig.  Not bad, but (at least the way they prepared it) the skin was really hard but yeah.  Our meals are usually some combination of soup, potatoes, rice and chicken.

One pretty cool experience was when a girl stopped us a few weeks ago saying her uncle wanted to read one of our books so she showed us to his room on the third floor of the building where we saw that he had crutches and can't walk very well.  Anyway, now he has a baptismal date and has begun to be able to get around better!

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