Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Trip to Mexico City CCM (Missionary Training Center)

It was an early morning, we got up at 4 am.  Brad gave Chad a Father's Blessing and we hurried out the door.  We got to the airport an hour and a half before he was to leave, we thought we had plenty of time, we had been told to be there an hour before.  Brad dropped us off and then he parked.  Chad and I went inside and got in line to check in his luggage.

We were relaxed and not feeling rushed... UNTIL, we got the luggage checked and we went to get in line for him to go through the airport security!  OH  MY  GOODNESS!!!!  The LINE!!!  YIKES!!!  And this was just the line to get up the escalator where there was another line to go through security!  They let 10 go up and then stopped us all.  Then, they would let 10 go up and then stop us again.  It took FOR.ever!  I was so stressed he might not make his flight, we all were!  He finally got up to the escalator and it was 20 minutes before his flight was to leave!
(You can barely see him at the top of the escalator, you can also see the line up there for security!)

After he headed up I asked the security guy if he thought he would make his flight (he was still in line upstairs to get through security).  He told us he might not, that they usually shut the gate 15 minutes before the flight is to leave!!!  That gave him 5 minutes to get through security and to the gate!  Brad and I just stood there not knowing what to do!  All I could think was, "I sure wish they would let us go with him to the gate like in times past so we would know if he made the flight for not!"  (He did not have a cell phone, they are not allowed to take one with them)...  We finally slowly walked out to our car, not knowing if he made the flight or not... wondering... stressing....

IF he made the flight, he only had 1 hour for his connecting flight to Mexico City!  He was to change flights in the Dallas Texas airport!  I knew it was a very big airport and was worried enough if he would find his way to the gate and make THAT flight...

I headed to work knowing there was nothing I could do but pray, so pray I did!!!

FINALLY at about 4 pm (10 hours after telling him good bye at the Ontario CA airport) I got an email!!!!  Here is what it said:

yes I made it to the plane in Ontario just as they called my name for final call. we landed in, and took off from, Terminal D so there was no rush in Dallas. There were also two sisters on the Ontario flight. As the four of us made our way toward the connecting flight in Dallas, we saw a large table outside a Mcdonalds filled with elders and when Elder George and I said we´re going to Lima, Peru, a lot of the missionaries there shouted about how they´re going there too. Elder George is cool. I think we´ll get along fine. this is toward the beginning of the process so I don't know the logistics regarding districts and all yet. however, it appears that my MTC companion will be an Elder Larsen, whom I've not yet met. 

My prayers were answered!!  I was SO excited to hear from him and to know he had arrived at the CCM in Mexico City!!!

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