Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25/14 "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

I sent this picture to Chad today... here is his email to me.

She is ridiculously adorable.   What's that in her mouth?  It looks like metal. 

My favorite scripture hmmm.  I really like Matt 5, Alma 17 (If I recall correctly) the part where Ammon is teaching Lamoni, D&C 95:1-2, D&C I do not remember the section.. umm "and the very jaws of hell gape wide the mouth after thee. . . All these things shall be for thy good. . . Art thou greater than he?" that's probably my favorite.

What does Diana teach in joy school?

Yes I saw the letters, thanks.  Tell Blake I really liked his and thank you to him.

We had a devotional this morning and in passing one of the speakers said "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." and I liked that quote a lot.  Also, I was reading in the ask questions and listen section in Preach my Gospel and that had lots of good stuff not only for missionary work, nor even solely for teaching, but for just talking to people in general. 

As far as gym, my favorite thing is probably "cage soccer" which is in a fenced off outside basketball court that is underneath the hoops.  It has smallish soccer goals so it's faster paced (and with less running since it's so small--it's seems even a little small for basketball) 

Spanish is coming along pretty well.  At the devotional on Tuesday we were passing out translator things (does he mean headphones?) to those who didn't speak English so I grabbed one of the extras and listened to the devotional in Spanish in one ear and English in the other and it was surprising how much I could figure out in Spanish also how much faster the translator had to speak because every word is like twice as many syllables than English.

I'm excited for conference, although I wish I could have cinnamon rolls during it. (family tradition, I am going to send him some from HERE)

How was Paige's homecoming talk?  What did she talk about?
I haven't got the chance to take any more pictures. 

Here is his email to his dad...

I took a pic (close up) in front of the temple that I sent for the plaque last week.  That's a cool story from brother Pexton I would like to have seen it.  I don't think I'm gaining weight but I haven't weighed myself, even if I did I'd have to convert it from kilos to pounds to know the difference. It depends on the day whether I have much food anyway, last night was good they served corn dogs.

Yeah the whole district is pretty good and all.  It's funny, when someone wants to know something, someone in our district almost invariably says something like "oh just let me look that up on my IPhone... oh wait" as a joke.

On the subject of shirts... those shirts-I cant recall the brand name-that Dallin seemed to love so much don't have pockets haha so I mostly wear them with suits and stuff. 
My companion and I went to get our suits dry cleaned today so we could get one this week and the other next week so they're ready for the field and they charged us 60 pesos or about $4.70ish it's funny both how cheap things are here and how much less a peso is worth.. anyway haste la proxima semana. (Until next week)

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