Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Night Before...

It was an emotional night.  Pres. Norman came to our house at 7:30 to set Chad apart as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I love how he talked to Chad about where he was going and what he would be doing.  He then asked me to say a few words to Chad.  I, of course, was pretty emotional.  Chad and I had been blessed to have some really tender moments together the last couple of months, I was able to tell him some of my thoughts and feelings...  I told him how very proud I am of him I am and how very much I love him.  I remember one day as we were in the car chatting, and I was crying, he leaned over and hugged me... he just rubbed my arm so tenderly.  He is a very sweet and sensitive young man.  Another night, as he and Tanner were helping me return things we had borrowed for the wedding reception, we drove from home to home and we sang hymns, talked and laughed, it was a great evening.  I am grateful for these sweet moments we had before he left so when Pres. Norman asked me to say a few words, I just recapped a couple of things I had already told him... how proud I am of him and a little last minute advise as he was preparing to leave home and serve the Lord.  I bore my testimony to him and told him how I know this is the true church and that the gospel had been restored to the earth.  I am excited for him to get to go and share this message with our brothers and sisters of Peru!  Pres. Norman then asked Brad to say a few words and then Pres. Norman set Chad apart, Brad and Devin were able to stand in.

Afterwards, since Chad loves ribs we all went to dinner at Hoggs.  When we got home we went to work getting his luggage all packed.
And, Brad gave him a fresh hair cute!
We went to bed about midnight... It was a great day but it was all becoming a reality!

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