Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11/14 The possible potential of the next two years!

(In his email I told him about doing a pretzel/prayer activity with the young women so he starts his email out responding)

That's actually the origin of pretzels, they were given to children for praying and it was meant to look like arms folded (if I recall correctly, I can´t confirm that out here).  Sorry there´s so little time to take pictures since we can only do it on P-day so I don´t have one but I´ll try to get one by next week.  Yeah I´m still reading Jesus The Christ, but I decided to start The Book of Mormon over, having read my Patriarchal blessing and noticed an emphasis on such.  My week was great.  Our district has been asked to be ushers now at devotionals. and on Tuesday we had one in which we watched a talk by Elder Holland that he gave to the Provo MTC in 2013 (in which he rededicated the Dan Jones building and two others which I don´t remember).  It was a really good talk.  Also in one of our classes we watched the Mormon message "The True Story of Todd Sylvester" which is pretty good.  Did I mention the New York Times 8 million stories or some such thing?  They´ve incorporated them in the teaching on several occasions and the ones I´ve seen are interesting.   (I have no idea what he is talking about, I'll ask him next week)

The language is a little difficult just because it´s hard to memorize vocab but its not too bad as far as Spanish the grammar is easy to get.  Marleigh is full on walking?  Wow that´s really cool. I wish I could see that.  Yes, they have milk here and chocolate syrup so yeah, but I haven´t had any yet.  My companionship is cool Elder Larsen is cool we do pretty well together.  It was funny the other day we did a little practice where each person taught one other person in our district about prayer then a few minutes later we did a similar thing as companionship's, and in the second one my companion shared the same scripture that I had earlier (it was an obvious one: Moroni 10: 4-5 but still it figured into the lesson at the same spot and all).

(I asked him when he felt the Spirit the strongest this past week) During Holland's talk.  He spoke about how we must have at least one convert when we get home, and that had better be ourselves.  I cant remember how he worded it but he said something to the implication that his mission was the most spiritually powerful time of his life--for an apostle!  That sets the bar high for the possible potential of the next two years!

Yes, it does seem like EFY a lot except that how the genders are to interact is the opposite (in some ways but not all: the hermanas have to go to the font of the line at meals in el Comedor). The days aren't too long, no I haven't gotten any more pictures sorry.  Krew was right both times, it's plenty of fun here, with so much to learn.  Plus we have gym time most days where we play basketball, volleyball, etc. (Brad told him that we had forgotten to take the garbage out to the street) That's weird that you forgot with me gone, when I'd forget the majority of the time myself.  I haven't written Holden yet I was just about to after this. 

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